Nova Chalmers

unabashed erotica

Devil Red

A new twist on an old story. Meet Devil Red, a not so innocent woman on a mission. She's got a treat to deliver, but when the others don't quite play by the rules, Red gets even.
A basket with one hell of a goodie, a heroic woodsman with an axe to die for, and the horniest wolf in the woods, but Grannie herself may be the worst of the lot.
If anyone can sort them out and get to the cottage on time, it's Devil Red.

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Youth and Beauty

Tricked into a life of prostitution by a wicked fairy, a woman plots to turn the tables, wooing the creature back for a second chance. But when he asks for her body, can she resist his pleasures long enough to free herself and reclaim her youth and beauty?

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A Trip to the Reaches

A Kitten Knights Interactive Erotic Adventure. You make the choices in this short but versatile story. Play again and again as you explore the wonders and dangers of the pleasure market in the Kovathi Reaches.
You've come across the vast reaches of Kovathi to the planet Suvani and the pleasure markets that have made the area famous.
Will the journey deliver you into blissful delights or terrible tradegy?
Grab a hover cab, head to the main market and find out for yourself....



Sophie has spent weeks dreaming of time alone with the gorgeous new guy, but when she wakes up naked on a high-tech table with no memory of how she got there, the fantasy twists into a full scale alien abduction.
Her crush is out of this world in more ways than one, and he's armed with a futuristic toy, some bizarre personal furnishings, and an agenda: learn all he can about giving pleasure.
Maybe being a lab rat, isn't such a bad thing...

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The Figures

When Miranda steals a quiet moment on a secluded beach, the last thing she expects is company. But the two muscular, mystery men who step out of the ocean aren't interested in solitude.
They are intersted in Miranda, and she's in for the ride of a lifetime.

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